Mission & Values

Our Mission

We are an engineering and product driven company utilizing our engineering design , analysis, and manufacturing expertise to provide our customers with innovative solutions for their thermoplastic motion control devices. We will utilize our core competencies to maximize value for our customers to make them successful while providing long term-growth and profitability to our stakeholders.

Core Values

1. Customers Are The Ultimate Employers

We are committed to creating superior value for our customers with unparalleled products and services to place them in a position to succeed. Safety, quality, delivery, and cost are only the top level metrics they measure us by. We will differentiate ourselves from our competitors at every level of the company by creating strong and enduring relationships based on customer recognized value creation, trust, loyalty, and mutual reliance. The customer is our ultimate employer, innovative quality work is what we do, and profit in return for the value we provide is ultimately our goal.

2. Continuous Improvement

We will utilize organizational leadership emphasizing the rigorous use of:

  • Lean Manufacturing
  • Hoshin Kanri
  • Kaizens
  • Advanced Product Quality Planning (APQP)

These disciplines embody the foundational tools, methods, and philosophy for how we make decisions and continually improve at every level of our company.

3. Strategic Planning

We will prioritize impactful strategic initiatives and cascade them throughout the organization using Hoshin Kanri Policy Deployment. This process will properly align our resources working towards common goals. Every associate must clearly understand how they are responsible and accountable to contribute to the successful achievement of our goals.

4. The Right People With Purpose Following Standardized Processes

We will create a leadership and management philosophy where highly trained and qualified people are placed in the right job functions, are given strategic purpose, and perform their job responsibilities in accordance to standardized processes. Processes create and deliver the value to our customers and represent the best we know today and serve as the foundation for what must be improved upon in the future to stay competitive. Associates must take an active role and take charge of improving their skillsets as it relates to their job function in accordance with our strategic direction. Perform your job better tomorrow than you did today must be everyone's credo.

5. A Culture Of Team Work

We recognize our value creating processes require cross functional teamwork to be successful. We must alway maintain transparency, respect, trust, and integrity so that we can engage in constructive discussions where all associates feel comfortable participating. Every associate must be given the opportunity for a safe working environment and positive engagement in the business. Never denying our associates the pride which comes from performing their job well. We respect and encourage our associates to lead balanced lives between work and their personal life.